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Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Most Underated Team In The West

    Golden State Warriors are one of the most improved teams this off season. Yet they still are the underdogs of the West Conference.

They have added Andre Iguodala, one of the league best defender. Because of his versatility and size he would be a to play up to 4 positions. But there still the question of Harrison Barnes position which brought negativity to Igoudala's signing. According to Harrison Barnes in a interview during USA Training Camp, he is "happy playing playing any role" and is willing to become a sixth man with the departure if Jarrett Jack. As a sixth man, he will not have the pressure of starting and has time to develop into a star off the bench. In my opinion, he is already a sixth man of the year candidate

Other Warrior addition include Marreese Speights, Toney Douglas, and Seth Curry. Speights will bring depth to the power forward position, a good backup to David Lee and also he is also a great mid range shooter. Toney and Seth also bring depth to the guard position and more shooting. altohough his minutes will be down, an improving Kent Bazemore will help. My prediction for Andre Iguodala's 2013-14 season is:

13.9 PPG; 5.2 RPG; 6 APG; 1.7 SPG Key Stat: 47 Field Goal Percentage

Monday, August 19, 2013

Steals of the NBA Draft (Part 1: Archie Goodwin)

Archie Goodwin has to go first. It's hard to believe that 29 teams pass on this young man.

He has the chance to be a great scorer in this league. and he's 6'5 and a heck of an athlete. He will drive to the basket anytime he can but still not afraid to hit a 3-pointer. Between him, Alex Len, Goran Dragic, the new and improved Morris Twin and new addition like Eric Bledsoe and Caron Butler the Phoenix Suns has a very bright future ahead.

He still is questionable on defense but makes up for most of with his quickness and fast hands. He will need to developed more muscle, which will help finishing in the paint.My prediction for Otto Porter's rookie season is:

6.4 PPG; 3.9 APG; 35 Field Goal Percentage; 32.5 Three Point Percentage Key

To watch some of Archie's highlight's, click the Youtube link below:


Sunday, August 11, 2013

"I wear my shirt open, so you see me chest" - James Harden

Check out Harden's new Footlocker commercial song, Harden Soul. Click the link below to see the track. WARNING: HEARS MAY BLEED! MIRROR NEARBY WILL CRACK!


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Overhype of NCAA Basketball (Part 2: Otto Porter)

In my opinion, the only reason Otto Porter was chosen high in the draft is because he had success in the Georgetown offense. For all who follow college basketball knows that Georgetown runs a very slow tempo offense..Well Otto Porter, welcome to the NBA, an up tempo game.

You're in a young team would like to play in transition and attack the basket, the Washington Wizards.You will need to build up strength to play the small forward position. His Durant-like physique will hurt him when guarding Melo and very likely Lebron. But overall his number #1 flaw is lack of aggresion. Being the 3rd pick in the draft and averaging only 6.3 point in the Las Vegas Summer League is not a good first impression. He most likely will not play SG because Bradley Beal has occupied the position. Trevor Ariza's 9.5 points per game is certainly not competition for Porter so he will win the starting job by default. My prediction for Otto Porter's rookie season is:

12 PPG; 3.0 APG; 40.3 Field Goal Percentage; 33.0 Three Point Percentage

Does Greg Oden signing with Miami Heat secure a 3-Peat?

It has been reported Friday night, Greg Oden is expected to sign with the Miami Heat and the question around the league is will the signing secure a three-peat in Miami. The answer is yes.

Once again when you thought Miami just couldn't get better, they did. The deal has 2 years with a player option after the first.  Oden will bring a physical presence to a desperate Miami front line that lacks in rebounding. According to NBA.com, Heat ranked 30th in the NBA in Rebounding. Also, other than Lebron James, the Heat as no other consistent post-up big men. So Oden is definitely a good addition. My prediction for Greg Oden's 2013-14 season is:

9.5 PPG; 4.1 RPG; 52 Field Goal Percentage; 0.8 BPG Key Stat: 68 Games Played